My name is NETDAO BUNSOM. Most of my students call me “Kroo Nun” , which is pronounced in Thai as ” Noon” . I have been teaching Thai to foreigners since 2008 with the ages of my students ranging from 8 to 60 years old . I believe there is no age limit to learn new things in life .

In 2016, I was urged to start my own company and learning website . I thoroughly enjoy learning new languages. It has helped me to be able to communicate with many people around the world , and that passion has brought me to this position where I can help others with learning language as well.



My other passion in life is yoga . I have seen the progression of my body , fitness and mental capabilities grow amazingly since I started .Being Buddhist , I love going to the  temple .

The peace and tranquility there helps to calm the mind and think of many things in life . I also  participate in meditation sessions .This year , I was also given the opportunity to be a professional interpreter.





I can say that it has been so fulfilling being able to teach my students to be able to communicate in Thai . Everything from ordering food or taxis to conduct in business meetings.

Learning Thai with me is not just about learning words , it’s about learning the Thai language , culture and lifestyle of the Thai people.
Let’s start to learn Thai with me.