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Effective course

The most effective lesson because our teaching methods we use will help the learner to be able to speak or write after learning in the 1st hour. Interactive course between teacher and learners.

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Anywhere you want to learn

You can decide to learn from anywhere you want. It doesn't matter you are at home, coffee shop, office or evening when you are different side of the world

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Time management

Manage your own schedule suit to your day and time available. You don't have to travel to learn while you are at your home or your office.Teacher will go to your place as you prefer.

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What you should know before start to learn Thai

Thai tone & useful words
Thai consonants
Thai vowels
Thai Basic grammar
Thai tense
Thai question

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  • Thai Classifier
    Difference ways to use Thai classifier Thai classifier is one confusing things for foreigner. For Thai speaker we use classifier without thinking where to put it in the sentence. … Read more
  • Visakha Bucha Day
    Visakha Bucha Day วันวิสาขบูชา (wan wí-săa-kà boo-chaa) , an important religious holiday in Thailand, is traditionally celebrated based on the lunar calendar, typically occurring on the full moon of … Read more
  • Coronation day
    Coronation Day in Thai is วันฉัตรมงคล.You can read wan chàd mong-kon or wan chàd-dtrà mong-kon Coronation Day in Thailand is a public holiday that celebrates the coronation of the … Read more
  • Best place snorkeling
    One of my favourite activity when I go to different island in Thailand is Snorkeling.[ดำน้ำตื้น dam nám dtêun] There are many islands in Thailand you can snorkeling.Here is the … Read more
  • Invite Thai people
    When you would like to ask Thai people to do something together you can use this question กันไหม (gan mái)? “กัน” (gan) means “together” or “with each other,” “ไหม” … Read more