1.  Learning consonant by class of consonant

There are 44 consonants in Thai. Nowadays Thai use 42 consonants.  Each consonants has its own name and meaning.

There 9 Middle class consonant /àg-sŏrn glāang/     อักษรกลาง :

  1. ก/g/   (Click to see VDO how to write  this consonants)
  2. จ/j/    
  3. ด/d/  
  4. ต/dt/  
  5. ฎ/d/  
  6. ฏ/dt/   
  7. บ/b/    (click to see VDO)
  8. ป/bp/    
  9. อ/or/ : (silent consonant)

(Click to download all middle class consonants) 

10 High class consonant  /àg-sŏrn soŏng      อักษรสูง

  1.  ข /k/
  2.  ฉ/ch/
  3. ถ /t/
  4. ฐ/t/ 
  5. ส/s/
  6. ศ/s/  
  7. ษ/s/ 
  8. ผ/p/ 
  9. ฝ/f/  
  10. ห/h/

There are  23 Low  class consonant /àg-sŏrn dtàm/ อักษรต่ำ

  1. ค ฆ    /k/
  2. พ ภ    /p/
  3. ช ฌ  /ch/
  4. ซ       /ch/
  5. ฟ       /f/
  6. ฮ       /h/
  7. น ณ  /n/
  8. ม      /m/ (click to see VDO )
  9. ย  ญ /y/
  10. ว       /w/
  11. ง      /ng/
  12. ร      /r/
  13. ล  ฬ  /l/
  14. ท   ธ    ฑ   ฒ /t/

2. When you can remember consonant by class already then mix it with long vowel first.

for example  :  ก/g/  + า  /aa/   = กา  /gaa/

There are some source of practice reading Thai by yourself by using online media.  You can start to learn with Thai story call ” Maa-nee maa-na”

When you already remember consonant you can test yourself the consonants on this link www.thaiflashcards.com

I found website to practice the sound of vowels. Click to practice vowels  or you can look in my youtube VDO to practice Thai vowels CLICK to learn Thai vowels.

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