Difference ways to use Thai classifier

Thai classifier is one confusing things for foreigner. For Thai speaker we use classifier without thinking where to put it in the sentence. If you compare the way to use classifier in English .The phrase ” a bar of chocolate ” or ” a loaf bread” That might help you understand what is classifier.

If you want to speak like Native Thai you should learn the difference way to use Thai Classifier.

The classifier in Thai is ลักษณนาม lág-sà-nà naam. Every noun in Thai has classifier. Some Thai word might has same classifier. For example if you talk about animal. The classifier is ตัว dtua.

Example. I have 2 cats. = ฉัน มี แมว 2 ตัว [chán mee maew 2 dtua]

Table of structure of Thai sentence with classifier

If you take a look at this sentence in Thai [chán mee maew 2 dtua] The structure is : I + have + cat +number + classifier.

In this example of sentence you put classifier [ตัว dtua ] after number when you talk about the amount of things.

In the youtube lesson I explain all 5 ways to use classifier and also give you example of how to use it . You can download the file in this link Click here to download file how to use Thai classifier

If you want to download the whole file 20 ways to use classifier you can go to https://www.speakthaieasy.com/product/pdf-file-20-ways-to-use-thai-classifier/ to purchase this file.

And this is the answer of exercise in the end of youtube lesson:

  1. I had my first cat when I was 10 years old.
  2. I want to have a new car.
  3. That house is big and very expensive
  4. I have 1 house.
  5. Can I have one ice tea please?

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