pdf :How to use wâa ว่า? คำนี้ใช้ยังไง?



ว่า wâa” What does it mean?  How to use it?

In this lesson you will have to translate the sentence using “wâa ว่าFollow the video lesson in youtube it will help you understand the word “wâa ว่าIn the same time you can take a note during the class by downloading this file.

Thai word” wâa” ว่า translate as “that”

– think that = คิดว่า / kíd wâa/

– say that = พูดว่า / pôod wâa/

– tell that = บอกว่า / bòrg wâa/

– understand that = เข้าใจว่า / kâo-jai wâa/

– believe that = เชื่อว่า /cheûa wâa/

– ask that = ถามว่า / täam wâa/

– answer that = ตอบว่า / dtòrb wâa/


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