What does the word “fà-ràng ฝรั่ง” come from? Is the word farang racist? Here you will find the answer

Also some of my student come up with the question ขี้เหนียว [kêe niǎw ] and ขี้นก [kêe nóg] .

Here is the answer.

The meaning of fà-ràng kêe nóg ฝรั่งขี้นก

There are other Thai words with kêe ขี้.

For exmample:

– ขี้เกียจ kêe -giàd = lazy

– ขี้บ่น kêe bòn =someone who like to complain

-ขี้อิจฉา kêe ìd-chǎa = jealous person

-ขี้หึง kêe heǔng = jealous person (relationship)

We also have other combine word with farang

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