Fire near BTS Onnuch station

Fire near BTS On Nut station

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Today 13th July 2016

BTS On Nut resumed service after it was briefly shut down by a raging fire Wednesday morning.

Flames broke out at 7:34am at a shop located in front of Soi Sukhumvit 81 and spread to the station’s elevator shaft.

(Flame = เปลวเพลิง/ไฟ : plēw-plērng /fāi)

(Broke out = เริ่ม : rêrm)

(shop = ร้าน : ráan) 

The BTS operator said the station was only shut down until 7:55am and has since resumed operation after the fire was brought under control and the smoke cleared.

(shut down = ปิด : bpìd) 

The fire damaged part of the station’s elevator, said Arnat Apapirom of the Bangkok Mass Transit System Public Co. Ltd.

(damage = เสียหาย  :sĭa-hǎay)  (elevator =  ลิฟต์: líb)

Passengers affected by the temporary closure can seek refunds, he said.

(passenger = ผู้โดยสาร : pôo-dōey-sǎan)

(affect = ได้รับผลกระทบ : dâi-ráb-pǒn-grà-tób)

(temporary  = ชั่วคราว : chûa-krāaw)

(refund = เงินคืน :ngērn-kēun)

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