portugal is the winner football euro 2016

portugal is the winner football euro 2016

Congratulation to Portugal who win the football euro 2016. (Congratulation: ยินดี ด้วย: yīn dēe )

(portugal : โปรตุเกส:  Bpoe-dtu-ged)

The final game was played in France.(ฝรั่งเศส : fa-rang-sed) 

Portugal beat France 1-0 .(beat : ชนะ : chan-na)

I am not a fan of football but as I  know portugal is one of the best football team in the world.

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of my favorite football player (football player: นักฟุตบอล: nag-food-born) . I do believe that many Thais also like him from his passion and how good when he play in each game.

What do you think about this game when Portugal play with France?

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