When you would like to ask Thai people to do something together you can use this question กันไหม (gan mái)?

“กัน” (gan) means “together” or “with each other,”

“ไหม” (mái) is a particle used at the end of a sentence to form a yes-no question.

For example, if you would like to ask your Thai friends to eat dinner together, you can say

“ไป กินข้าว กันไหม” (bpai gin kâaw ggan mái?)

which means “Let’s go to eat together, shall we?”

Thai lesson how to use กันไหม

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Do you want to go watch movie together?
Do you want to go for a coffee together?

Do you want to go to temple together?

Do you want to go swimming together?

In this lesson you will also learn Thai question รึยัง

The word “รึยัง” (réu-yang) is a particle used in Thai to form a yes-no question. It can be translated as “or not” or “Have you done something…. ? l” in English. It is often added to the end of a statement to ask for confirmation or to inquire about something.

For example:

คุณ กินข้าว รึยัง kun gin kâaw réu-yang?

= Have you eaten yet? Did you eat yet?

Have you eaten yet?

Have you finished working yet?
Have you finished eating yet?

Have you studied reading yet?

Have you studied writing yet?

Other useful words and sentences form this lesson

Can you speak louder please?

What? Pardon?

I can’t hear you.

The different meaning of ยัง yang in Thai language

ยัง … อยู่ yang …yòo and รึยัง rèu yang ?

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