Deadly shooting at Munich mall

Deadly shooting at Munich mall

A shooting at a Munich shopping centre which left nine people dead was carried out by one gunman who then killed himself, German police have said.

  • dead = ตาย / เสียชีวิต : dtāay /siǎ chēe-wíd  
  • nine people dead =ผู้เสียชีวิต 9 คน: pôo siǎ chēe-wíd 9 kōn
  • gunman =มือปืน: mēu-bpēun 
  • kill  = ฆ่า kâa 

The suspect was an 18-year-old German-Iranian dual national who lived in Munich, police told a news conference, but his motive is unclear.

  •  suspect =ผู้ต้องสงสัย:pôo-dtôrng-sǒng-sǎi
  • motive  =แรงจูงใจ: rāeng-jōong-jāi

Sixteen people were injured, three critically, police added.

  • injured =บาดเจ็บ: bàad-jèb
  • critically =สาหัส:sǎa-hàd 

A huge manhunt was launched following reports that up to three gunmen had been involved in the attack.

The body of the suspect was found about 1km (0.6 miles) from the Olympia shopping centre in the north-western suburb of Moosach.

  • body =ร่าง:râang 
  • was found = ถูกพบ: tòog pób 

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